About Us

Dr. Christopher Woo, O.D. is an eye care professional who is committed to improving the visual abilities of students, athletes and individuals to help them succeed. During his studies at the Rosenberg School of Optometry, San Antonio, Texas, Dr. Woo spent three months specializing in vision therapy at Dr. Latimer's Vision Therapy Centre. Dr. Woo also spent 4 months at the San Antonio Veterans Administration working with patients suffering from mild traumatic brain injury and using vision therapy to reduce the symptoms sustained from concussions.

Inspired by the results of general vision therapy and his passion towards sports, Dr. Woo developed a program targeted to help enhance an athlete's hand-eye-foot coordination, spatial awareness, memory, and more. Dr. Woo also conducts vision therapy to aid students and other individuals in enhancing the eyes' ability to focus and control itself, resulting in improvements in areas such as reading and concentration.

At Eye to Eye, Dr. Woo strives not only to improve one's visual system, but to also develop the skills of leaders, innovators, and others through passion and hard work.

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