One of the key risk factors for detached retinas or retinal tears is the progression of high myopia or near sightedness. At higher levels of myopia, the eyes are longer and retinal tissues are stretched and thinned, thereby increasing the chance of complications. At Eye to Eye Optometry, we have different tools to control the progression of your child’s growing prescription so his or her risk is lowered with the technologies listed below:


A newly developed daily soft contact lens option to reduce to the progression of myopia by up to 59%. At Eye to Eye Optometry, we would ensure your child is exceptionally trained to insert, remove and learn about proper contact lens hygiene. Dr. Woo has fit children of all ages in soft contact lenses!

Myovision Lenses:

For parents who are hesitant for their children to wear contact lenses, Eye to Eye offers specialized myopia control lenses used in glasses. Utilizing technology from Zeiss, we are able to reduce the progression of myopia by up to 30%.