We Want Our Clients to Achieve Greatness.

Our goal is to elevate your academic and athletic performance from good to elite through vision training.

Vision is more than 20/20.

20/20 is a measurement of your central vision. Elite athletes utilize multiple visual systems integrated to help their decision making and performance. By focusing your eyes faster, seeing the play with greater depth perception, and tracking and seeing objects with clarity and accuracy, you can improve your decision making, increase your peripheral awareness, and more.

The Difference in Eye Exams

In a routine eye examination, your eye care provider is checking for your prescription, how well your central vision can clearly see objects, and check for any eye diseases.

But we see vision as more than just your prescription and health. We evaluate and train all the following visual systems so you can play at your maximum visual potential:

  • Focusing system
  • Peripheral vision
  • Multiple object tracking
  • Depth perception
  • Reaction time
  • Eye muscle strength

Sports Vision Training and Research has demonstrated:

  • Nearly 20% improvement in ice hockey sport task performance
  • Improved shooting percentages and goal scoring
  • Improved putting accuracy for golfers
  • Higher batting percentages for baseball players
  • Improved visual processing and decrease in tunnel vision
  • Improved depth perception, reaction time, and eye-hand coordination
  • And more…

Taking your vision to the next level

We first begin with a free consultation to determine if sports vision is suitable for you and then we discuss therapy options.

Next, we perform an evaluation with traditional and advanced technological methods to determine areas of weakness.

We then custom-build a program tailored to your athletic position and sport and your areas of weakness. Training sessions are 1 hour long, and clients are required to perform exercises at home in conjunction with the sessions. We monitor your progress with intermittent testing throughout the program and make changes as necessary.

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