Dr. Chris Woo has truly transformed my eyes from being good to elite. Chris has identified many important detailed flaws and strengths in my vision and tracking other vision training centers have always over looked. While working with Chris he has corrected and improved many areas of strength and weakness from visual processing, tracking and more. What has allowed me to excel so much with his guidance is his knowledge to adapted and apply his tools and resources. It has allowed my vision to give me the edge I always wanted while playing. I am thankful for his passion, hard work and care for my visual goals."

Chad Johnson - NHL

Chris and Eye to Eye Optometry have been a great help to my training and getting ready for the upcoming season. The outside of the box vision training makes me think about my game in a different way, while working to get that split-second advantage.”

Josh Teves – NHL, Europe

Working with Dr. Woo for the past two summers has increased the level of my game and performance. Dr. Woo's training program has increased my eyes’ ability to read and react quicker to a shot release/pass. The training program has also increased my ability to read and react to an incoming rush. Thank you for helping bring my game to a new level.”

Amanda Zeglen - NCAA Division I

Training with Doctor Woo completely changed the way I track the puck, read plays, and react. I've seen major improvements after every session.”

Talyn Boyko – WHL, NHL Rangers Draft Pick

Training with Dr.Woo allowed me to reach a new level in my game. Not only did it improve my reaction time and tracking, it allowed me to improve my accuracy, overall vision of the ice, tracking opposing players and their whereabouts, picking up on little details such as the hand of shooters, vision through screens, and etc. vision training with Dr.Woo has the ability to improve every area of an individual's game.”

Matthew Davis – AJHL, NCAA Division I Chamption, Denver Unversity

Eye to Eye helped me to improve my tracking ability and allowed me to reach the next level.”

Caroline Gosling - USport